“Live the Holy Cross.”

I am working on an upcoming prayer service and found this poem from Saint Paul of the Cross to Agnes Grazi, written August 31, 1743. It will be my blog today and the challenge to all of us, to “Live … Continued


Many a night ago I remember some sounds coming from my kitchen. Then the barely heard footsteps of someone in stealth mode walking down my bedroom hallway. I turned my head, and listened, really listened. I listened with concentration on … Continued

Saint Gemma Galgani

Thursday is the memorial of Saint Gemma Galgani in the Passionist Proper offices. Saint Gemma was born in March 1878, she died on April 11th, 1903. She was beatified May 14th,1933 and canonized May 2nd, 1940. Saint Gemma had many … Continued

Look up!

This morning as I was walking the property checking on things after a storm, I found a large broken limb of one of the magnificent pine trees that shade our peaceful gardens. It was a large limb and it made … Continued

Holy Ground

It’s been a crazy day. Financials, board work, gala preparations along with an impromptu meeting with a woman who lost her husband. Parish staff day of reflection today made the center feel alive and filled with conversation. This is the … Continued