Hear IT, Keep IT, Live IT!

True Blessedness is Listening to the Word  of God at the VERY core of our being! This focus allows a tremendous change to take place within us! His Word inspires  and motivates […]

Gods Terms….

The Lord is our “Light and our Salvation”… our NEVER ending HELP at ALL times! We are NEVER alone in this walk of life! We have our Triune God WITH […]

Experience Him

Our God invites us and wants us to “experience” Him in our daily lives! He is a God of relationship- always seeking yet “waiting” for us to turn to Him! […]

Be Present

As we allow ourselves to relax on the presence of God- enjoying and relaxing in the moment : He has the opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and inspire us! We must […]

Forge Ahead!

“Be NOT afraid”…. Our God goes before us and WITH us ALWAYS!  We must trust our unknown future to our KNOWN God! If our soul is constantly thirsting for the Lord, […]

Pure Gift

Everything we have and ALL that we are is pure GIFT from God!!! Being attentive and aware of this-enables us to appreciate the magnitude of the Blessings God has poured […]


We must plant our trust DEEP in the Lord….reaching out and being attentive to new discoveries of His Love for us! As we allow His Presence, rooted within us, to […]

Chosen Channel

We are called to Holiness in this life…. to be made ” whole” in perfect union with God! Only He can fulfill and sustain us! His Love and Graces pour […]

Team Player?

We are each called to Serve God devoutly- motivated by Love and Gratefulness! The two  essential virtues for this are Courage and Patience! These encompass our acceptance of suffering- Dying  to   Self!!  God called […]