Our God is an AWESOME God – He NEVER leaves us or gives up on us ! His presence is a CONSTANT in this ever changing, evolving world! We must […]

Creative Presence

Gods “Creative”  presence surrounds us in the beauty of the day! ! We must take time to appreciate His holiness as we witness His hand in Nature! From the song of […]


God is continually Pursuing us and Calling us to Him!!!  Where have we placed our Hope and Trust? In ourselves, material things, money or Jesus? We all have the temptation to […]

His “Love Balm”

As we fully “open” ourselves up to Gods Presence and Love we allow Him to permeate our innermost being – Heart, Mind and Soul! Nothing  we have done is ever Hidden […]


It is a crazy life that we are leading isn’t it!! I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank the many of you that have taken the time […]


Our HOPE IS in the Lord Who made Heaven and Earth! God provides for us in ALL  things- Giving us what we NEED not necessarily what we want! Knowing that we […]

No “Chance”

As we LET GO and LET GOD…..Surrendering our perceived “control” to Him we allow His grace to work IN us  and THROUGH  us! Relaxing in Confidence as He directs and inspires our […]

With Us!

As we  begin this day Allow Gods Presence to permeate our entire being…..Attentive to His Hand IN and ON all we see and are! All Creation sings His Praises and Glory-listen […]


A Grateful heart is a Trusting heart- ever Attentive that the source of EVERYTHING we have and are is a Gift from God! He entrusts us with these gifts to […]

Light Up!

Christ IS our Light! He shines forever in our Heart and in the darkness- always illuminating our path as we journey toward Him!  Our Faith is like a bright ray of […]