Entrust to Him!

God is our Source of ALL that is GOOD! He not only provides us with All the Fruits of His Spirit: Love, Kindness, Courage, Gentleness, Generosity, Strength, Self Control, Patience […]

The “RIGHT” Way!

Our God is a jealous God! We must never allow ourselves to place other concerns, worries, anxieties, people, places or things BEFORE Him! He must ALWAYS be WHO, WHAT and […]

Gratefulness to JOY!

In all circumstances we must strive to live very Close to Jesus in heart, mind and soul! As we place Him at the forefront of our minds we allow Him […]

Without Fail!

God is WITH us and Watches over us constantly and without fail! He loves to look at us, and LOVES it when we look back at Him! Even when we […]

The Inner Place

Providing opportunity for God to speak to our Hearts- Awakens and Forms our conscience! This is NOT following our own ego,  self-interests, or just what suits us…! It is the interior […]

Our Beacon!

Jesus IS the LIGHT of our lives! He is the “Beacon” of our journey through life!  When the problems of life, fears and doubts, misunderstandings and rejections tend to “darken” our […]


As we begin our day in the Stillness of God’s Divine Presence -He Surrounds us, Envelopes us and Infuses us entirely in His Love and Peace! Allow Him to guide […]

Peace WITH God!

Going to God in prayer repeatedly throughout the day is not just asking….”Prayer Is putting ourselves in the Hands of God, at His disposition and listening in the depths of […]

Embrace His Cross!

Our dependence on God is directly related to our TRUST IN Him! As we face challenges and difficulties in life – Go to God first and foremost for Guidance, Wisdom […]

Part-time or FULL-TIME?

Our God is a “jealous” God! He doesn’t want us on a “part time” basis-He wants ALL of us  All the TIME….Heart , Mind, Soul and Strength!! When we Keep God […]