My Shepherd!

God made us… We belong to Him! He chose each of us before we were born, Calls us by name, makes us His own and delights in caring for us! […]

Grateful Heart!

As we open the doors of our Heart to the Holy Spirit, we allow ourselves to be guided by Him, letting Gods constant help to Enlighten and Inspire us! “The […]

Just Smile!

The Peace that Christ gives to us -comes from WITHIN! It is not contingent or dependent on what is going on around us! Nothing of this world can rob us […]

Choose WELL!

God created each of us with a deep longing in our Heart -that ONLY He can fill! We hunger and thirst fir Him!  We must be careful-for we try to fill […]


Jesus understood the necessity of spending time in prayer- in Union with His Father, this was a Priority with Jesus and it MUST be a Priority with us! Often we […]

God Controls!

Keeping God as our focal point and in the forefront of our mind – allows us to grow in relationship and intimacy WITh Him. When God controls our mind….LOVE controls […]

A Clean Heart!

God walks BEFORE us, BESIDE us, BEHIND us, WITHIN us and ABOVE US! Seeking God and going to Him in prayer enables us to “see” things from His Heavenly perspective […]

His Gaze!

Spending time encountering God in prayer, just sitting in His Presence …we can’t help but be Transformed, as we reflect His Radiance, His Love, Peace and Mercy-We become His conduits […]

Hold Steady!

God tells us repeatedly in Scripture to “Fear Not” assuring us we are NOT Alone …”For I AM WITH You”!! God just asks us to Trust Him, to Rely on […]

“Beacons” of Hope

We have an open invitation with God to COME to Him at any time, in any way-no matter what! He is ALWAYS waiting with open arms, constantly and patiently!! Prayer […]