Stop the “chatter”!

Jesus was the MOST  Peaceful person that ever lived, because He was the “personification” of meekness! He continually and constantly deferred to His Father… He was a “power” under control submitting […]

Love Controls!

Creating and Taking our Time with Jesus provides the necessary resources we will need for our day! He is our foundation, support and rudder as we navigate the unpredictable circumstances […]


God’s Love is ALL encompassing and eternal! He NEVER stops Loving us regardless of HOW many times we walk away or turn away from Him! His steadfast Love abides in […]

He Equips!

God made each one of us….we belong to Him! He Chose us, with ALL our limitations, shortcomings, hang ups, and weaknesses, to be a member of His family and to […]

Never Look back!

The Lord is our Light and our Salvation! We are children of His Light! The Holy Spirit enlightens our heart, minds and souls so that we understand the Truth about […]

Our “Stabilizer”!

Our lives are in constant flux and change! Every day we are faced with continual and tireless alterations and instability! The only thing in our world that is never changing […]

A Gentle “shift”

As we go to God when life is “wearing us down” and our “self imposed” burdens are weighing us down…. He gently shifts them from  our shoulders and places them on […]

A New Beginning!

Happy Pentecost! This is the Day the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and be Glad! Every day is a new beginning as we allow the Holy Spirit to move […]

Defer to Him!

When we Surrender and Allow God FULL Reign  in our life we  open the door for Him to Lead,  Guide and Strengthen us! We defer our wants and will to His! This  is grounded […]

Awe and Expectation!

As we FIX our eyes on Jesus we  set our priority on Him and His Way! We place Our Heavenly Father at the forefront of our day allowing ourselves to Follow […]