Enjoy the Moment!

We must keep our antennae pointed Godward continually throughout our day to stay connected to Jesus! When we are “in tuned” to God we are able to “hear every Word […]

Delight With and In God!

Our God delights in us and we must delight in Him! As our Trust and Confidence in Him increases-the fact that He is in Control and we are not becomes […]

Walk His Path!

God created each of us with a specific and unique purpose to fulfill! Our life’s journey will not be just like anyone else’s…. but the goals ARE consistent-“to Know, Love […]

He’s Right Here!

Spending time with God “in the quiet” provides opportunity to Hear His Voice and Find His Strength! This time is not a luxury but a Necessity to ensure we are […]

Hello world!

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Supported by Grace!

Wanting to live a life closer and deeper with God is not an unattainable goal! This is exactly the desire that God has for each of us! What can keep […]

NO expiration date!

Surrendering to God and His Will for us is predicated on Trust and Dependence! It is a Choice we must make each and every day with each decision we make! […]

Clean out and Open UP!

The Lord is constantly and consistently guiding, leading and encouraging us on a path of Holiness and Righteousness! He wants each one of us to be a holy person – […]