Leading Us Home!

Christ is our Light: ever glowing and unable to be extinguished by the darkness of sin! We must ALWAYS look to this radiance that lies within us and around us- […]

“In Tune”

Being attentive to Gods creative beauty around us keeps us forever “in tune ” with Him and the myriad of gifts He provides! “He made the sea, it belongs to […]

A Chord of Three!

As we begin our day in the presence of our Lord -we reconnect and rejuvenate-as we reaffirm that God must be our FOCUS and CENTER throughout the day!  We know He […]

In spite of…..

As we reflect and contemplate God’s Mercy, Compassion and Love for us, as sinners, our hearts are overwhelmed by the mystery of His infinite, incomprehensible Love for us in spite […]

Faith NOT fear!

If God is FOR us who can be against us? We must hold fast to this TRUTH  and allow it to penetrate our heart, mind and soul! When we let fear, […]


Our God is a Compassionate and Loving God …Slow to anger and full of Kindness! He sent us His Son – Who willingly laid down His life for us so […]

Lean on God!

We are created with an emptiness, a hunger and thirst that ONLY God can fulfill!! Yet this unfulfilled yearning in us makes us vulnerable to what our culture and Satan […]

Look Inside!

God is WITH  us and WITHIN us at ALL times! He created us and KNOWS us through and through – inside out! There is NOTHING that we can hide from God… […]

Belonging to Him!

God  wants to FILL us With His Divine Love, but when we sin we turn away from Him saying “No” to His Love. By acknowledging, confessing and repenting we reopen the […]


Every day we must remove ALL obstacles and debris from our hearts and minds that interfere with our Union with God! He is constantly hovering over us waiting for an […]