His Wisdom…..

We are each uniquely and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God! We ALL have our strengths and our weaknesses: our talents and vulnerabilities. God is our source […]

If we “let” Him!

God ALWAYS was and ALWAYS Will be ! He is the Alpha and the Omega, Omniscient and Omnipresent  ….. He is WITH us in every circumstance, NEVER leaves us or abandons […]

God our “driver”

Our life’s journey is a series of hills and valley’s! The path is sometimes smooth and calm, but oftentimes it is rocky,rough and turbulent! Jesus prepared us for these times: […]

His Light….

Jesus brings God to us and us to God! He is the eternal light shining and enlightening our pathway to Heaven! As we spend quiet time WITH our Lord allowing […]

Our “moral compass”

God shares His Divine life WITH us! He provides by giving us ALL the Graces and Gifts we need to nurture and develop our spiritual life and relationship in Love! […]

Entrust the “tangles”!

The depth of our relationship with God will determine our response to the trials that we will encounter in this life. When we are Christ Centered our thoughts immediately turn […]

In Constant Pursuit!

“Return to God” with ALL our heart for He alone is our Source of Grace and Mercy! His Presence is eternal and everlasting …it Never fades, diminishes or leaves us!  “There […]

Breathe In!

Jesus is the Source and Summit of our life! We are Never Alone on our journey through this life to our Heavenly Home! Jesus lives WITH us, WITHIN us and […]

Open Up and Trust!

“Letting Go and letting God” means entrusting everything we have and everything we are to God…. including our loved ones! His presence goes with ALL of us, protecting, guiding and […]

Reconnect and Reroute!

We are NEVER alone in our journey of Life! Jesus walks before us, within us and with us-Living IN our inmost being! We must TRUST Him in ALL things…choosing to […]