Live in the Moment!

God’s very Presence is dwelling within each one of us! He is Constantly and Continually watching over us and taking care of us! He knows EVERYTHING there is to know […]

Feast of the Archangels

What a glorious day we had here at the retreat center!! The amazing staff and friends of the center got together for mass and a processional blessing of the center. […]

Our Infinite God!

God Loves  each of us as if there were only one of us! This is incomprehensible to our finite minds but not for our infinite God! He Loves the world through […]

Share the Blessings!

Staying open and receptive to the myriad of Graces and Love God bestows upon us enables us to be channels of His gifts to ALL those we meet! We must […]

In our weakness……

Starting our day in God’s Presence enables Him to lead and guide us throughout  the day rather than giving Him our “to do” lis and attempting to “pull” God along our […]

Hear, See and Enjoy!

God is present and WITH us wherever we are and whatever we do! He NEVER leaves us or abandons us! He is our Creator, yet out of  unfathomable Love for us… […]

Eyes of Hope

Each one of us are uniquely and wonderfully made.. each on our own path that God has placed before us! A journey we are only able to finish well when […]

Mutual Belonging!

Jesus Calls us and desires a relationship WITH us which mirrors His own relationship With His Father! A Relationship of Mutual Belonging- in Full Trust and in Intimate Communion! We are […]

Broken and Forgiven!

IOur God is Merciful and Loving… Slow to anger and ALWAYS ready to forgive us our transgressions! The knowledge that Jesus Loves us SO much that He laid down His […]

Nothing Remains……

Our world is filled with unexpected challenges and is ever changing…God alone is our Stability, our Rock, our Fortress, and our Strength! We must stay focused and attentive to His […]