Two Ears to Hear!

Listening is Loving!  God gave us two ears to hear with and one mouth to speak from… it follows we should listen twice as much as we talk! This is […]

Listen, Know and Love!

We are Loved Unconditionally and Eternally by a God Who is WITH us and WITHIN us Always! He NEVER leaves, abandons or forsakes us! We are the ones that walk […]

Just GO!

Jesus calls us to “Come to Him” at ALL times- Only He can Fulfill and Complete us! He shares everything WITH us-and NEVER leaves us! He Rejoices in our Joys […]

All we Need!

Confident-Knowing andA Trusting that God is WITH us provides  Consolation and Peace especially during times of difficulties, trouble, and sorrow! We come to realize that God is ALL we need when God […]

His Beacon!

Jesus Comes To us Quietly and Peacefully as we take time to Rest in His Presence! Quietly and Peacefully He leads us back to Him even when we have gone […]

Joy of our Heart!

The Lord ALONE is the Joy of our Heart, Soul, Mind  and Life! He Sustains and Completes us! We are created to yearn, hunger and thirst for Him… nothing else will […]

Choose Joy!

Everyday we must Renew our Trust in the Holy Spirit’s action, the Trust that He acts within us, and that He works through us!  His “fruits” are the source of our […]

Humbly and Enlightened!

Life will not always go the way we expect, or anticipate! When situations arise that thwart “our plans” we must Trust in the Lord,  recognizing the resentments and discouragement that arises-not […]

Our life…His Gift!

Each one of us is a unique child of God: fearfully and wonderfully made! God created us for a specific purpose,  has Chosen us before the world began to walk in […]

His Love-Light

God SEE’S into the deepest, darkest depths of our heart, mind and soul! He knows us better than we know ourselves….and LOVES us, in spite of ourselves!  We must be confident […]