100% to God

This last Saturday I was blessed to travel to Kentucky to St. Joseph’s Monastery to visit the Passionist Nuns there for Sister Cecilia Maria’s final vows. It was a poignant and moving ceremony. I cried like a little baby. I don’t think that you could watch someone commit to God in such a profound and complete way and not be moved. As a Cloistered Passionist Nun she took the same vows as other religious which are poverty, chastity, and obedience. She took the vow of those that are cloistered, which is enclosure. As a Passionist she also took the vow to promote the passion. Full and complete total gift to God.

My heart felt challenged and provoked. Asking what are you doing? How in your life, in your vocation, are you giving 100% to God. It is a thought provoking challenge. Am I giving 100% to God with my family relationships? With my work relationships, do the people at work even know you are Christian? How about on the freeway, or in the stores?

I am sure Sister Cecilia Maria isn’t perfect, but her commitment is. Her desire is.

So the challenge for all of us is to commit to God in a profound and complete way so that our commitment moves others the way that Sister Cecilia Maria moved me.

Picture: Mother John Mary placing the crown of thorns upon Sister Cecilia Maria.

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