A Garden Lesson

I was reflecting on the office of reading this morning. St Leo, the great, a pope wrote about the Passion of Christ. He says, “The business of this life should not preoccupy us with its anxiety and pride so that we no longer strive with all the love of our heart to be like our Redeemer, and to follow his example. Everything that he did or suffered was for our salvation: he wanted his body to share the goodness of its head.”

I keep thinking about the garden, Christ in the garden was able to use His divinity yet accepting His humanity. Feeling the anxiety of being alone, of being left and yet checking on the others, regardless of their abandonment of Him. The Lord’s anxiety of what is yet to come, more suffering, more abandonment, and yet His willingness to allow His Father to have all the control. Knowing that the Father’s Love was greater than anything He might endure.

Isn’t this where we sit today. Unsure afraid of what is to come, alone.

We too must turn to the Father’s will, we must trust in His will and find there a love unlike any other. Open your heart to it.
Father, I trust you to love me and want You to mentor me.
Father, I trust you have my salvation in your sights.
Father, I run into your outstretched arms needing to be consoled.
Father, I abandoned my self, ‘let only your will be done in me”

This is my prayer. To stay in the garden with Jesus, to not fall asleep, to stay vigilant, yes the upcoming, the unknown is scary, but Jesus teaches us what to do by His example in the garden.

Stay healthy and keep praying!!