A gospel in paint.

Today and tomorrow the 300th anniversary icon is here at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center as one of the many stops around the world to celebrate this tricentennial Year of the founding of the Passionist Order.

It is beautiful. A Gospel in paint.

It tells the story of Saint Paul of the Cross and his love of the Cross, his connection with the Blessed Mother, and his founding of the Passionists.

Four of the many Passionist Saints and Blesseds are represented on the wings of this triptych.   Saint Gemma Galgani, Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, Blessed Isidore De Loor (see one of my early blogs) and Blessed Dominic of the Mother of God. A Lay Passionist, a Passionist brother, a seminarian and Priest of 31 years. There is a life lesson for each of us within these wings.

If you have time, the icon will be available for viewing with adoration from 9-5pm today Thursday the 6th and tomorrow the 7th. After that it will be off again, heading towards California and the retreat centers there.

Even if you can’t make it to the retreat center, please join us in prayer for the Passionists Community, for all that they have done in the past, and all that they have yet to do!!