A grateful heart…

A grateful heart…

In my limited time here as director at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center I have been blessed in many ways. Today I was just floored, awed, amazed and wowed to see in less than a week the 60+ individuals and groups that have come together to help us with our urgent appeal for A/C in the Chapel.

We are still working up to the final amount that we need, but I could not help but comment on how quickly and generously you all responded.

Veronica is one of my favorite characters of the passion because of her immediate and generous response to Christ in His need. The Lord is never outdone in His generosity.  His gift in return was His own image left on her veil, a gift of himself. A miraculous image, one has lasted for generations.

You responded with immediate and generous response to us.

So, my prayer for each of you is that God responds to your gift, no matter how small, with that same generosity and abundance.

Thank you.


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  1. Angela

    I wish I could have given more. So grateful for all that HNRC has done for me.


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