It has been a beautiful Advent. Somewhere in the beginning of the journey I saw a comment, that there is ‘No adventure without Advent”. Adventure. So often I get caught up in my own world, my own adventure and forget the bigger picture, the part where God has a plan.

We are near the end…just a little more of the journey to walk through. Before the big day we are reminded that we are part of a bigger plan. God’s plan.

About four years ago I came to Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center in Houston for spiritual direction. I then joined the team that gives retreats about six months later. About a year after that I was asked to be on the board of directors. Now, I am the CEO, or retreat center director…God laughs. I think I know, I think I am planning and God, God has his plans.

Mary’s plans included being engaged to Joseph and that wasn’t exactly what God had planned for her, but, regardless of the difference, she was willing to listen and open her heart to the Lord and what he had for her. She still had to say yes, and so do we.

We are all part of the adventure that is life with Christ!! As Advent closes and Christmas day arrives, stop and take a moment to look back at the journey. Where was God in all of that?  That my friends, is the challenge, to take a moment in the middle of the last minute chaos and see Christ bringing you this moment, just as He was there as a beautiful baby son, arriving as a gift for Mary.