Beauty from the “ashes”

Happy Mother’s Day To ALL Mothers in Heaven and on earth!
During our life journey we will make thousands of choices both good and bad! We must learn from our poor choices – viewing them as opportunities for growth and maturation! We are able to expand our frame of reference as we learn from the mistakes we make! The devil may try to use the mistakes and hurts of life to make us feel it is impossible that Jesus really LOVES us…. but remember He is right here within us, surrounding us and holding us close! This feeling of unworthiness is the opposite of what Jesus tells us… He Loves us Always and Unconditionally, even when we don’t feel worthy! God weaves goodness and joy from our most horrible and challenging mistakes! He takes our brokenness and brings beauty out of the ashes! Let go of Pride and go to Him…He is waiting and will never stop! Trust and move forward following His path not our own! Love and prayers! 😘💕✝️🙏🏻