3 Nails

February 17, 2021

J+M+J THEN THEY CRUCIFIED HIM. (St. Mark 15, 24). This one sentence of four simple words is used by St. Mark to express the greatest act of love, the Passion of Christ. At that moment, three nails were driven into the body of JESUS leaving nail marks that remained even after the Resurrection. Lent 2021…

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Auction Now Live!!

November 11, 2020

Please join us Saturday from 8-9pm for our Virtual Gala. 9-time Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner, Matt Maher will perform during the Gala… Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center needs you now more than ever! For almost 75 years we have been caring for the people of the Houston area. This IS THE PLACE Where…

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September 14, 2020

September 14th, EXALTATION OF THE CROSS This feast proclaims the triumph of Jesus on the cross. What was the nature of that triumph? It was firstly the triumph of life over death. Those who put Jesus to death did not have the final say, because God the Father raised him high, in the words of…

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June 9, 2020

The world of the Apostles, including Mary the mother of Jesus and a few others, was turned upside down ever since the arrest and death of Jesus … and it would not be the same again – as they knew it. All this was because of their relationship to and connection with Jesus of Nazareth…

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Two Easter Miracles

May 6, 2020

On April 27, I read the following headline: “On April 15 the Tolling of Emmanuel Filled the Skies of Paris”. Emmanuel is a bell. In fact, this bell is the only one that survived the French Revolution of 1789 and to this day remains a symbol of Paris. Emmanuel rang-in a very special event in…

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Sembra Venerdi’ Santo

April 9, 2020

The beginning of this Holy Week 2020 has been – weather-wise and other wise – somewhat ‘gloomy’ shall we say? When the clouds are dark and low and the rain is steady, Italians will say “sembra venerdi’ santo”: It looks like Good Friday. Interesting how a faith system will inform even a language. The Lord…

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Approaching Solitude

April 1, 2020

St. Paul of the Cross asked his followers to concern themselves with prayer, penance and solitude when they were not preaching missions or doing other apostolic work. There is meaning to that order of: first, prayer; second, penance; and then solitude.  Prayer is the general activity within which penance and solitude take place. Putting ourselves…

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Covid, Lent and Spiritual Battle

March 26, 2020

Just as I was preparing this reflection on ‘Covid, Lent and Spiritual Battle’, I received an email with the following quotation from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: “My Dear Wormwood, Plagues are a most effective weapon given to us by our father below. Normally, Christians are quite comfortable in receiving the dreaded sacraments and…

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How Long Lord?

March 24, 2020

Such is the prayer of the author of Psalm 13. It is our prayer. Paradoxically, or tragically, it has taken a pandemic to distract us from the most recent abuse crisis in the Church. It’s just one thing after another. How long, Lord?  Even as I am preparing this reflection, State Governors and city mayors…

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