Inhale His Spirit!

Spending time with the Lord provides opportunity for Him to remold our hearts! So often we become impatient at the slightest provocation…so easily threatened! Our response to others is frequently […]

His Image!

God created us to hunger and thirst for Him! Only He can satisfy our inmost yearnings…. nothing of this world will or can  fulfill us!  Our culture continually cries our to us:  try […]

Go Within!

We are ALL temples of the Holy Spirit -He resides in us whether we are aware of His presence or not! Being attentive to God’s Spirit within us provides opportunity […]

He Provides!

Jesus opened the Way for us to His Heavenly Father! He calls ALL  of us,,, no one is preferred or left behind! It is our responsibility to Listen and Respond….then through […]

In Quiet Obedience!

Spending Quiet time with God is a necessity not a luxury! We must  take the time away from the “noise” that fills our life, the many distractions that interfere with our […]

His Glory…Shine on!

When we simply Trust God, we allow Him to work in our lives! Worry, anxiety and fear prevent Him from doing anything within us or for us! We must give […]

All things in God!

The Love of God is unfailing and everlasting! He alone is our Constant and our Anchor in this ever changing fickle world! He never leaves us or abandons us…ALWAYS available […]

Hands and Arms Open!

Trusting in God means living our life with our hands and arms OPEN! When our hands are Open we can give and receive freely with God and with those around […]

Return to Him

As we abandon ourselves to God every day we focus on His Greatness not on our weakness! We rely and depend on His Strength and Wisdom not our own! Trying […]

Get back UP!

As we bask in the Light of Gods Love.. He infuses us and transforms us! Everything that God provides is pure gift… His Love, Mercy and Grace! We don’t earn […]