There are times in life when others hurt us deeply, they say or do something out of anger or frustration. Sometimes this is a spouse, a child or a coworker. I like to think that I am a nice person … Continued

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. As I travel for a family trip I am reminded of the many ways our life is not our own. Waiting for the plane, the mass of humanity surrounds me. We are all on a journey. Some of … Continued

Good Bye!!

Happy Hot August day to you all. I am away at a conference in Chicago and not able to be there to celebrate the great work that Patty Mason has done. Today is her last day at the retreat center. … Continued

Silence is Golden

Silence is golden This upcoming weekend we have a silent retreat here at HNPRC. When I tell people how I love silent retreats, they often laugh, an uncomfortable laugh. It is foreign to our culture to be quiet. Paul of … Continued

A grateful heart…

A grateful heart… In my limited time here as director at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center I have been blessed in many ways. Today I was just floored, awed, amazed and wowed to see in less than a week the … Continued