God’s Presence

November 19, 2020

God’s CALL to us -is “simply to be people who are content to live CLOSE to Him -the type of life in which this closeness is Felt and Experienced”!  Staying close to Him in Prayer and Focus!  Our commitment to God must be FULL-time -not “part”time:solely when it is “convenient” for us! We are ALWAYS in the…

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Our “Anchor”

October 20, 2020

God’s presence is WITHIN each one of us! Each of us are alive in the image and likeness of God ! He made us- we belong to Him! Though life, difficulties and infirmities may attempt to weigh us down…. we are able to place these burdens at the foot of the Cross-surrendering them to Christ…

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Antenna’s UP!

October 15, 2020

WE must always keep our eyes focused on our Heavenly Home. Jesus showed us the way-constantly discerning and following His Fathers Will- Our Father! Our antenna’s must ALWAYS be pointed toward God. Even before we were born, our FAther had plans for our welfare. He laid every detail of our life for us to achieve…

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In Union

October 14, 2020

Serving the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul is a journey for life ….. it will have its hills and its valleys- difficulties and trials! As we face these moments in total assurance and confidence that God is WITH us -that we are Not  alone these challenges become opportunities to lean on the Lord…

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First and Highest!

October 1, 2020

God calls and beckons us to Him at ALL times! He sent His Son into the world to reveal His boundless Love for us and then Jesus manifested His own Love! He proved there was no greater Love than His- by laying down His Life for us! He poured into our Hearts the Holy Sprit,…

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Savor the moment!

September 30, 2020

God must be first and foremost in our hearts and lives! As we keep Him always at the top of our priority list all other things fall into place…if God is FOR us who can be against us? God is with us ALWAYS even to the ends of the earth! We must go to Him…

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September 29, 2020

We are each wonderfully made with a Divine purpose-to Know God, to Love God and to Serve God !  God is continually watching over us and does not rest or slumber! He created us to be WITH Him for eternity! WISDOM teaches us the lifestyle which is in conformity with the will of our Heavenly Father.…

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August 26, 2020

As morning breaks we think of God -allowing His Peace and Strength to infuse and rejuvenate us! When the Lord is our goal in life, when we are “single-minded”, striving for a deeper relationship with Him, we will ALWAYS find HOPE regardless of what life brings! We will have Joy and Peace even under trial!…

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Fear is Useless!

August 17, 2020

In the “eye ” of the storm of life….God is ALWAYS in Control!  Jesus tells us over and over again “Be NOT afraid!” He reminds us that He is ALWAYS With us, even though we do not see or feel Him. He reminds us that we ARE precious in the eyes of the Father. How often…

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Upward not Inward

July 13, 2020

God is rich in Love and Mercy! We don’t have to “perform”, “earn” or “win” His Love – it is bestowed on us as PURE GIFT! God Loves us because of WHO we ARE….. Not WHAT we do! Jesus came to heal us of ALL spiritual ills by bringing us Peace and Hope! It is…

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