Give and Receive!

Happy Thanksgiving To ALL! As we Celebrate this day of Gratitude – May we first give Thanks to the Source of Everything:  our Triune God- Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier! With Him […]

Gratitude = Joy

God will NEVER be outdone in Generosity or Love! When He provides the myriads of Blessings and Gifts to us we must ALWAYS Receive them Openly and Gratefully recognizing the […]

Aware and Grateful!

Our life is full of challenges, difficulties and distractions-directing our focus and attention away from God and our Heavenly destination! We should always be attentive and purposeful-keeping our eyes and […]

Our “moral compass”

God shares His Divine life WITH us! He provides by giving us ALL the Graces and Gifts we need to nurture and develop our spiritual life and relationship in Love! […]

His Divine Indwelling!

The more we TRUST, the more we become aware of Jesus dwelling within us and the more our thoughts and attitudes will become like His! He will continue to increase […]

Stand Tall!

Life is a continual journey of hills and valleys, good times and difficult times! We must keep our antenna ever focused on God Our CONSTANT Companion through it all! He […]

His Watchful Care!

Following Jesus is the path to Holiness! It means living in His Love as we walk Hand in Hand through our day -savoring the beauty and goodness around us! This […]

Pray First!

“If you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all”! We learned this as young children and it still holds TRUE today! God calls us to Live in His Love-uniting […]

ALL of us!

Jesus CALLS each one of us. NOT just “part” of us – but ALL of us! He wants our undivided Heart, Mind and Soul ALWAYS directed toward Him-for “Blessed are […]