God provides ALL that we need at ALL times! There is Nothing that we possess that we have NOT received! Yet we hang on to our possessions too tightly with a sense of “entitlement” or “ownership “! Everything we have is a gift from God! When we adopt an “Attitude of Gratitude” we are able to “Let Go” and “Let God”  with Joy, Peace and Love in our hearts! To Give without counting the cost! With Christ as the Center of our life…. our focus is Eternal life and our Gratefulness is greater than our expectations! Thankfulness is a product of Selflessness… total abandonment to God’s Will! Then we Want What God Wants for us and What God Gives! If we but TURN to God, that itself IS a Gift of God…All that we Have and All that we are! In Thankfulness be a “channel” of His Blessings Today! Love and prayers! 🙏🏻💕✝️

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