Christ the King

This last weekend was the feast of Christ the King, at my home I have a Crucifix hanging on the wall with a light below it. The light shines up at Christ on the cross, reminding me to look at him and spend time with him.

Lately I’ve noticed that the in the evening when the light cast a shadow on the cross, that shadow looks very much like a crown. Most people probably don’t think of Christ the King as Christ on the cross, that is entirely how I think of Christ as king. Christ on the cross giving everything for his subjects being the true servant leader. Christ on the cross encouraging each of us to do, to go, even in our suffering. Jesus is never a king that oppresses but always the king sacrificing and giving everything.

As we prepare for the start of Advent it is a beautiful image for us to take with us. Christ the king entering this world in the humility of a stable and ending His Human life in this world on the humility of the cross.

It seems fitting retreat theme, humility.  Saint Paul of the Cross says, “From Humility of heart proceed serenity of mind, gentleness of conduct, interior peace and every good.”

Join us for a Retreat and learn more of why “at the name of Jesus every knee must bend.”

Woman’s retreat this weekend still has room available and in January there is space available for each of the 4 men’s retreats.

Blessed Advent,


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