Climb UP!

Going to God in prayer each morning provides an opportunity for a “mountaintop” experience in His Presence! This enables us to see life from His perspective with all it’s difficulties, challenges problems and annoyances, fading  in the Light of His Glory!! As we climb the mountain, we must leave behind the preoccupations of the day. We must rise above the mundane and reach out in Love to God, for “the tops of the mountains are His”(Ps 95:4). Our view becomes more “cosmic” and Christlike! We are able to see beyond our “small” world and focus on God and others rather than Self! May we descend to our day, feeling His presence as we go about our daily tasks, sharing  His Love with ALL who cross our path, invigorated and rejuvenated! Love and prayers!!💕🙏🏻✝️