I spent the drive to work this morning contemplating this blog.

I left the house a little late and was therefore impacted by more people on the road than usual. I found myself frustrated at cutting off, slowing down, rude cars and basic thoughtlessness. Regardless of them, frustration was my unfortunate response.

I was going to write on how I calmed myself from frustration with prayer, but instead what came to me in that prayer was beautiful… each day I commute back and forth. That word commute became a focus for me. So, being a child of English majors I ‘looked it up’! (I did wait until I got to the office and not while I was driving!)

Webster’s surprised me. I was thinking of the travel back and forth regularly, but commute is also a form of conversion.  It means to change or to alter. Webster’s even uses the sentence, “she commuted for her sins’ Although, I am not listing all the definitions these are the ones that jumped out at me! (

What am I learning about and through commuting? Still working on it.

One thing I know for sure is that if I quiet my mind and listen, Christ has much to tell me.

On this journey towards the Lord, regardless of:

-how many times traffic stops us,

-we swap lanes in search of the most efficient one,

-we regret decisions,

-we allow others to frustrate us

-we return to the Lord

-we search for conversion

Our route may be impacted but our destination remains the same.

This is my prayer and my challenge today. Keep focused on the Lord, not the frustrations of our day. He is our final destination. Based on His journey we shouldn’t be surprised by a little frustration.

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