Our original Easter appeal was to be for "new lamps and room upgrades". However, Covid -19 has impacted us all so powerfully and changed what we prioritize.


We prioritize our staff, how they are coping with changes in work and life.
We prioritize on the spiritual health of our retreatants and our brothers and sisters in the various recovery programs.
We prioritize the health and safety of all who walk this ‘Holy Ground’.
We prioritize the future of the retreat center; how and when will we reopen?
We prioritize new ways to reach out, to share our MISSION with you.

If Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center is a place that you feel connected, where Christ is calling you to more, where you meet with others who mentor you and pray with you. If you have found Christ at the foot of the cross here, then please, help us keep this retreat center around for another 70+ years.

Please, we ask you to unite with us in the MISSION!! Place Holy Name Passionist Retreat center as a priority so that your children and grandchildren will have a place to feel that connection.