This years Easter appeal is for new and improved items for the retreat rooms! From your evaluations we see the need to update some of the comforts in the retreat rooms. Help us keep Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center a place that feels warm and welcoming, a center of hospitality.


A room redo is $750.00 for each room. We have 79 rooms!! Any amount would be welcome and appreciated. Perhaps you could consider going in with a friend to fund a room?

New items included in cost would be:

  • Plug with USB (wow, how 21st century of us!)
  • New Lamp
  • Blanket
  • Larger Bath Mat (from your evaluations)
  • New Luggage Rack
  • Improved shower head
  • New Shower Curtain
  • Updated Art
  • Mattress or Headboard
  • Fresh Paint