Embrace not blame!

During our life journey we WILL experience trials in many different forms! When difficulties arise our first response must be to turn to God in Confidence and Trust… allowing Him to Guide, Console Strengthen and Encourage us! If we embrace these sufferings as Jesus embraced the Cross we join and unite ourselves with Him to redeem our troubled world! When our struggles are great call upon the Lord knowing He is WITH us and provides the Grace we need that matches the peril we are in. Not blaming God and asking “why” but reaching up and grasping His hand! He is our “Helper” in times of trouble! Be attentive to His Presence for He has our hand and will NEVER let it go! Hold on tightly comforted that He is With us, In us and Works Through Us! May our heart always know the Lord is near… our feet follow His path… and our lives lead us to our Heavenly home! Love and Prayers! 💕✝️🙏🏻