Fifth Station: Simon of Cyrene is made to help Jesus bear the Cross

Simon of Cyrene is made to help Jesus bear the Cross

According to Matthew (27:32) and Mark (15:21), Simon was “compelled” into service to assist Jesus. Luke (23:26) uses the stronger word “seized.

We, you and I, are here reading this of your own free will (thank you)! Simon did not start out his day with ‘helping Jesus’ as focus of it. He was ‘about his own business’ when he was compelled into service. I would have been disgruntled and inconvenienced with this work of helping Christ.

How often in my life am I disgruntled and inconvenienced by the work of helping Christ? Christ interrupts my day to say, ‘look at me’. I am the forgotten, the lonely, the sad, I am the broken and the tired.

Christ interrupts me in my office when someone knocks and says, ‘do you have a minute?” or when I grab a phone call from a friend who just needs to talk. He interrupts me with a car in a rush ahead of me and the construction on the side of the road. His work is not often convenient and stopping to help Christ is often messy.

Simon surely felt the blood of Jesus and even touched the broken body of Christ on the day Jesus died. This day, interrupted and given, Simon himself finds how to be a Christian.

This is the challenge this lent, to be more Christlike.  To be willing to let our days be interrupted with the work of helping Christ in this life in this way perhaps we too will find out how to be more “Christian.”

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