“First will be last, and the last will be first”

As I was preparing for this blog today I was reading the daily gospel (usccb.org). Today’s reading and tomorrows both finish with a rendition of the phrase “first will be last, and the last will be first”.

Oh, how I wish this was the case on the Houston freeways. I have been driving from my home in the Conroe area to the retreat house every day for about two months now!  All I can say is…wow!!

In today’s society the more we gain, the faster we get there, the greatness of our victory is what we desire, even idolize. The idea of the first shall be last is lost on the freeway, and often on all of us.

Lately, I pray instead of screaming.  I was frustrated a lot those first days, now I sit back and let traffic happen to me. Some days, I pray for someone who lets me in, or the sweetheart that cuts me off and some days it’s just someone who wants to tell me that they are Catholic by the rosary on their rear view mirror.

The point isn’t that I am some holier than thou person, my spiritual director and my confessor could easily agree on the hilarity of that statement. But the idea that I am evolving. Something that made me angry a few months ago, is now part of my praise, being last is part of my being first.

So, the challenge today is for each of us, put one person, (you get extra points if they make you crazy) in front of you, allow them to go first.  It is in humbling myself, that I move from a life that is focused on first, to a life that will last!!

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  1. Chrys Hancock

    Love your insight Kate concerning our Harris County roadways. Being a native Houstonian, there’s always been traffic but with more people moving into our fair city, it is downright crazy. I’m with you, “Let Jesus take the Wheel”, taking on His attitude and directional guidance. Navigating around this town will then become a much smoother ride.


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