God Defined and Valued!

As God becomes the Epicenter of our life – we are transformed from world focused to heavenly focused! Faith immerses us in His Love and gives us Security, Strength and Hope! Seemingly, nothing has changed, yet in the depths of our being everything is different! With God, ALL the fruits of the Holy Spirit find a home in our Heart… Peace, Consolation, Gentleness, Courage, Serenity and Joy! Then our way of thinking is made new as we unite our Will with God’s! We are transformed from the INSIDE out…. not “conformed” to the world- from the outside in ….for we are “God Defined” and “God-Valued” NOT culture, world or by others! May we place ALL Things  INTO His Hands today as we receive  the Presence of His abiding Peace in our hearts! Love and prayers! 💕🙏🏻✝️