God Is Good

“God is Good, all the time, all the time, God is Good”

We say this all the time. If I start it, “God is Good”, others chime in, “All the time.” And the same with the reverse. “All the time”, “God is Good”!

Each day as I travel to work, I am awed and amazed by the glorious sunrise, “God IS Good, ALL the time.” By the time I get to work and spend my day I am not sure that I am still proclaiming Him in the same way.

How do I live out the ‘All the time’ part of that statement? How do I portray a person that actually believes what he says about this God? How do I act in such a way that  others will say, “I want what they are having!”, the famous quote from ‘When Harry met Sally.’

Perhaps as we start our day. If we can just ask the Good Lord, Show me your goodness always. Show me your goodness now, and in a little bit, and later, and even later.

Lord, reveal to me your Goodness.

The when I proclaim God is Good, I actually am living out the All the time part of that statement.


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