God “Pleaser”

God must ALWAYS be at the TOP of our priority list! Everyone and everything else must come after Him and His Will for us! Jesus unequivocally tells us we must FIRST Love  the Lord our GOD and second Love our neighbor as ourself! When God is our focal point we are able to stay grounded in the Light of His Love regardless of what others think of us! God wants us to Be the absolute best of what He made… not to remake ourselves by the standards of this world! Our Joy comes  from within…. from knowing that God Loves us, Knowing Who we Are, Whose we Are, Where we are going and that our Future is Secure as we Rest in Him First and Foremost! Remember… every Saint  has a past and every sinner has a future….. With Him, Through Him and In Him! Be Secure and Confident as a “God pleaser” NOT a “people pleaser”! Love and prayers! 💕🙏🏻💕