Good Bye!!

Happy Hot August day to you all. I am away at a conference in Chicago and not able to be there to celebrate the great work that Patty Mason has done. Today is her last day at the retreat center.

Patty is a joy. God works through her in so many ways. I can see why her family is calling her to come back and spend more time with them, to work with them, bless them more with her presence.

Patty has worked with the retreat center for 3 years, almost exactly. She has cared for the chapel, the worship aids, and all of us! She made sure that all was prepared and ready, no small thing forgotten.

It has been a pleasure to watch her grow in her faith and find her own strength in a greater way while she has been with us.
And so I ask you to raise your coffee for a toast…to Patty. To her future endeavors and Joy with her family. May God go with you in all that you do!

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