Good Grief

It’s hard even to write the date 9.11 without having a memory of the attacks this day 17 years ago. I remember my parents saying the same thing about the Pearl Harbor attacks. These are dates that change our history, they change our lives.

I lost my husband three plus years ago. January 16, 2015. A day in my history that I will never forget. When anyone talks about January 16 that is what pops into my mind. It’s part of how I cope. I unconsciously measure myself by that day. I measure how my life has changed and the two feet I have learned to stand on.

In today’s society I think we take grief and minimize it. Two weeks after the loss of a loved one you are expected to return to work and get on with your life. Within weeks of the loss of my husband of 30 years someone asked if I thought I would marry again?! Hurry up, get over the loss and move on.

Because grief is so ignored, people have forgotten its healing nature. I have found that grief, the same grief that I have for my lost husband abounds in others around me. We all seem to be grieving something. I see it in those that grieve a marriage, or in their child’s lost faith or the life lost through alcohol and other addictions. Perhaps we are all grieving in some way the loss of our country and the way it was before 9/11?

So the challenge today is to allow yourself to grieve. To think about what it is in your life that isn’t what you expected? What it is that was taken from you? Allow God and his healing mercy to come over you and heal you. Look to the cross. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. One step at a time!

This week at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center we spend some time with “Our Lady of Sorrows” by having a Day of Bereavement. Tomorrow, September 12th, from 8:30-3pm. There are spaces still available, please register if you wish to participate.


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