Grab and Hold

Our God Loves us unconditionally and NEVER leaves,  abandons or forsakes us! He is our CONSTANT in our world of ever evolving  Ups”  and ” Downs”! “If God is FOR us who can be against us”? We will suffer and experience many disappointments in life…through people, things, events, that come and go! Our God provides Hope, Encouragement, Strength and Courage to face anything that life throws at us-for He is at our side!! Instead of pointing a finger at God and asking “why”? look up, grab His outstretched hand- in TRUST and CONFIDENCE-Knowing He is walking WITH us… leading guiding and consoling! He Holds us ALWAYS in the palm of His Hand-Blessing us in amazing and breathtaking ways…. just HOLD on tightly keeping our Hearts and Eyes Open! He will NOT disappoint! Love and Prayers! 🙏🏻💕