Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.

As I travel for a family trip I am reminded of the many ways our life is not our own. Waiting for the plane, the mass of humanity surrounds me.

We are all on a journey. Some of us often have many stops along the way.  We hurry up so that we can wait. The waiting has precious moments to recall and learn from.

I watched an (I’m guessing) 80 year old man traveling along get helped with his bags by a unknown 20 something. I a young teenager chase a mom with 3 kids handing her a dropped toy. I watched doors get held and people move to allow a seat for another. Somehow in this crazy world we all can help each other, we all can get along.

In this world of random acts of violence, let us respond with random acts of kindness. Let’s look for them, be aware. Let’s take it one step further. After we pick up the toy, open the door, help the elderly lets take a minute to pray for them and their relationship with the Lord. Let’s put them in His hands.

On this journey, as we wait, isn’t that where we all want to be?

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