Jesus opened the Way for us to His Heavenly Father! He calls ALL  of us,,, no one is preferred or left behind! It is our responsibility to Listen and Respond….then through a life lived in Love, to bring as many as we can Along WITH us! We are God’s instruments in this earthly sojourn…His Hands and Feet! But we must remember we are NOT the Light… He IS, we are NOT in Control, He IS, we are the creatures He IS the Creator! We plant the seeds…God nurtures, nourishes and provides life for the growth! We must realize our strength may  fail and falter, but our God will NOT! Prayer is the most powerful connection between our needs and our God- and He is ALWAYS more than enough! Be satisfied and content – for HE provides….May God give us Peace of heart  and mind Today! Love and prayers! 🙏🏻💕✝️

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