When we approach God in Praise and Thanksgiving we are an open vessel for  ALL He Offers and Provides! We are then able to approach the day rejuvenated and inspired as Christ’s Light illuminates and eradicates the darkness! Thankfulness and Gratefulness are Virtues…gifts of the Holy Spirit: grounded in Love and Trust! They are Action Words- something we DO or Express… How we Relate to God and His Divine Providence! It doesn’t change life… it CHANGES Us and HOW we view or deal with life! It is a voluntary act of Will as we CHOOSE to be Thankful and Grateful in ALL Circumstances! The Choice is ours… the rewards are Heaven Sent! May God bless us with a Thankful Heart each and Everyday as we Radiate Christ’s Love and Joy to the world! Love and prayers! 💕🙏🏻✝️

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