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Events for week of August 9, 2020

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His “Love Balm”

As we fully “open” ourselves up to Gods Presence and Love we allow Him to permeate our innermost being – Heart, Mind and Soul! Nothing  we have done is ever Hidden from God – He searches and knows us…..ALWAYS Loving us and NEVER giving up on us! When we are totally “transparent” before God – His Illuminating Consoling light Shines into the darkness, despair and wounds from our sin- Healing , Comforting….eradicating ALL Fears and darkness! We must accept His gift of Forgiveness and Mercy… as Jesus wipes  Our sins away and dries our tears!  “Those who have been Forgiven  much are then able To LOVE much”! Lk 7. CHOOSE TO Accept His Forgiveness and Mercy Today…. Starting within then extending out….7 times 70 …..Allowing His “Love balm” to heal the open wounds in our life and world!!!! Love and Prayers! 🙏🏻❤️✝️