Holy Ground

It’s been a crazy day. Financials, board work, gala preparations along with an impromptu meeting with a woman who lost her husband. Parish staff day of reflection today made the center feel alive and filled with conversation. This is the joy and the chaos of this work here at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center. Ever varied and full.

I thank God regularly for the amazing staff. Pat Weintjes the registrar was making copies and cutting papers for me. John Chambers in our development office was checking in on some work that had to be done for upcoming event. Patty Masson was literally putting our fires and checking contracts. Vicki Guerra our bookkeeper was talking me down from the virtual ledge while going through budget items. Paola and Franca were busy greeting our Spanish guests, making signs and sipping coffee. Jose was changing lightbulbs and bringing us all out into the light. Lupita and the kitchen staff were calmly feeding the visitors. Others that do so much…vacuuming, sheet changing, mowing, and clipping. The priests who pray for and watch over this place.

God blesses all of it!! That is why this is the place where “Miracles Happen”! That is why this is Holy ground. God is the center. God is the root. It is all for Him. This is why your prayers are the biggest gift that you give to us!!

I thank the Lord daily for bringing me here to this Holy Ground. Director, ringmaster, chief cook and bottle washer whatever you want to call me.


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