How big is your God?

Last Sunday was the eclipse. It was beautiful to watch.

I got up late that night, I think it was Sunday, and stepped outside to see the redness of the moon. I took a picture with my iPhone. It was beautiful, but so very far away. Very, very far away! It looked so little!

Father Joe Barbieri was out at a dark sight taking photos with his telescope and a nice camera. The picture he took looks very much closer. It’s hard to tell that they are pictures of the same moon! And at virtually the same time!!

The moon didn’t change. How far away it was didn’t change. What lens we were looking through, our perspective changed.

God doesn’t change. God is consistent and always.  Our perspective changes. There is an old quote I read somewhere, ‘if you are felling far away from God, you can be sure who has moved!”

When you put your head on the pillow at night, how big is your God? How close is He?

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