Last week was a joyous week here at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center, with the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre speaking to a group of about 90 that braved the early morning to listen to his words of wisdom.

Our Chef Juan and his entire team outdid themselves. Mercedes artfully arranged to make the whole place alight with the joy of flowers. The plates didn’t even make noise under the watchful eye of our director of development, John Chambers. The whole staff chipped in and served the meal. It was a team effort.

I am so proud of the incredible staff here and the ways they pitch in to help without being asked. It is a humbling experience to receive work with such amazing people on a daily basis.

A little too much time with humility these last two weeks. I have to be honest. Although the men who came on retreat had lovely things to say about the talks, it was they that taught me.

I heard a beautiful story from a man who swore a ‘girl’ would never teach him anything, and his bashful admittance that, in fact, a girl had taught him something!

It’s as much of a humbling experience to be on the receiving end of that moment as I am sure it was to be on the delivering end.

Isn’t that the way of humility? Perhaps a little like the mustard seed in today’s Gospel. (Luke 13:18-21) A small kernel of humility grows into a large tree.

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