Illuminated and Enlightened

Keeping God as our focal point throughout our day, ensures that our TRUST and GRATEFULNESS for His constant Presence grows and develops! This is a choice we freely make each and every moment of the day  as we Choose to be attentive and purposeful as we FOLLOW in Jesus footsteps.  To Follow the Savior is to share in Salvation, to follow Him is to enjoy and TRUST  His ever present Light! We are children of the Light- beneficiaries of His radiance as we are illuminated and enlightened by the Light…. for we are NOT the light… Jesus is!  As we place Jesus at the center of our lives He continually illuminates our path to our Heavenly Home! He is our Hope and our Salvation! “Jesus we TRUST in You” ! Give thanks to the Lord ALWAYS…. and entrust ALL our cares to Him! Love and Prayers! 💕🙏🏻✝️I