God provides various opportunities for  us to “be still”  and KNOW that He is God! Are we attentive to these times; with a Grateful Heart embracing this “quiet time” as a blessing to spend time WITH God? During this year of the pandemic and now the weather shutting our city down….are we resenting these difficulties or are we asking God for the grace to bear them well! “It is in  QUIET Reflection, we Hear His Voice; in QUIET Obedience we Follow His Footsteps; in QUIET Assurance we Find His Rest; in QUIET Labor we Do His Work; in QUIET TRUST we Find His Strength!” When difficulties and suffering comes, TRUST! Gaze toward Heaven FILLED with Hope! May this time fill us WITH an awareness of Gods Presence… that our thoughts may be on God TODAY as His are CONSTANTLY on us! Grab a blanket, give THANKS and Pray! Love and Prayers!! ❤️💕🙏🏻