Jesus falls the third time.

Jesus falls the third time-Christ was so tired that he fell 3 times but that also meant that He got up three times. Persistence, fortitude, hard work, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

My friend Matt said to me after my late husband’s death and a conversation about God’s consolations, “Isn’t it amazing how God gives us resurrection moments in the middle of our Calvary.”

Very few people would see Christ falling the 3rd time as a resurrection moment. But it was, He had to have it, He had to be there. We have so many lessons to learn.

Three times finding the apostles asleep and three times Jesus going back to pray. Three times denied by Peter and three times professed He was loved. Three times falling and three times getting up!

Saint Paul of the Cross also teaches us about Calvary’s suffering and Resurrection’s Joy. He wrote the ‘Rule’ of the congregation in prayer. In 1721 Paul brought the Rule to the Vatican in Rome for the Pope’s approval. The guards, thinking him a beggar, turned him away.

Paul was disappointed. He rededicated himself. Men followed him and those men became known as Passionists. Paul did not receive definitive approval for the Rule until 1769, 48 years later.

In our moments of utter pain and disappointment we can look to Jesus here, weak, helpless…..human, and we can make it through our moments of pain and loss. Resurrection moments, they are everywhere, you just need to look for them, sometimes they are in the falling, sometimes they are in the getting up, and sometimes they are in the agonizing plea to our Abba Father, “Not my will but Yours be done.”

When we look, when we see those moments, we are carried along with Christ. We will find Joy in the journey and Resurrection moments in our own suffering Calvary.





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