Joy and Hope!!

Last week I blogged about our travels out to the ‘Chapter’ a once every four year gathering of the Passionists of Holy Cross Province.It has been a blessed time. So many holy men and women gathered together to celebrate new plans, elect a provincial, (Father Joe Moons was re-elected ) and to look to the future of the province.

I can’t say that it started out well, Patty Mason, Deacon Jim Anderson, Cesar Prada, Ron Bickers and I headed out to California with laughter and joy. Within minutes of our arrival at LAX the entire airport lost electricity. We spent the next 3 hours or so waiting for luggage, helping others with theirs, and building friendships. Laughter was absolutely part and parcel of our hours stuck within the confines of LAX.

It is easy in these situations to become angry or frustrated. I was so blessed to be traveling a group of lighthearted and joyful people. They were not willing to give in to frustration, but instead leapt up to help those that needed it and spread laughter and joy.

People have asked me about being a Passionist, as if it must be the most depressing group of people, but instead what I have encountered time and time again is that time at the foot of the cross, brings joy and hope.
Our Savior died on that cross. In Blessed Helen Guerra’s, Holy Hour in the Garden, it says, “Behold the incomprehensible mysteries of love which operate in the Heart of a God who sweats blood for men.”
That is the challenge this week, to sit at the foot of the cross and see the joy and hope that is there and share it with all those around you!!

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