Jesus calls us to “Come to Him” at ALL times- Only He can Fulfill and Complete us! He shares everything WITH us-and NEVER leaves us! He Rejoices in our Joys and Triumphs… expanding our experience exponentially! He Shares our sorrows and pain… carrying and soothing our wearied heart, mind and soul!  Realizing our Dependence and Need  for Him in ALL things and at ALL times strengthens and empowers us -THROUGH Him!!! We are incapable to do this on our own…. for it is  “Through Him that we Live, and Move, and Have our Being”! It follows that Without Him we are lost! Listen, Respond  and RUN to Him….He is ALWAYS Ready and Waiting….WHAT are we waiting for-Just GO! Love and prayers! 💕🙏🏻✝️😁

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