We are created with an emptiness, a hunger and thirst that ONLY God can fulfill!! Yet this unfulfilled yearning in us makes us vulnerable to what our culture and Satan promise to “sustain” us,  to provide happiness and contentment…. attempting to “fill” this  void with temporary and fleeting “things” ….that NEVER give us what we need….ONLY the unsatisfied desire for more!  Jesus showed us that our Heavenly Father ALWAYS provides What we need, When we Need it! We must Surrender to Him as we Seek Him First -giving Him the time and space throughout our day to work IN us and Through us! The more we lean on Him the more He provides the Grace we need to fulfill His Will in our Life! Slow down…. and Listen to God’s voice teaching and leading! May God Bless us with Mercy and Grace, Guiding us by Divine Wisdom through Jesus our Light – Today and ALean lways! Love and prayers!  🙏🏻💕✝️

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