Our dear friend Deacon Gary Forse, from our preaching team, has been battling heart problems the last few days. As I left the house, he was on my mind. Him and his beautiful wife Camille and the struggle for life. I was praying for them as I, and the staff at Holy Name have been since we first heard the news a few days ago.

As I got to the end of my street, the forest was alive with life. I was surprised not by a doe, but by a two very young, wobbly kneed fawns. They leapt as they heard my car come around the corner. I stopped to watch. It was such a beautiful sight. New life. It is so precious.

We forget how easily we break. How easily life is changed in one minute, by one decision, by one heartbeat.

So that is the challenge today. To pause and thank the Lord for the life you have. Thank Him for this precious day, even as it unfolds.

While you are on your knees, please pray Deacon Gary and his family.

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