Light A Candle / Enciende una Vela

Light A Candle for your Intentions

How can we pray for you? We would like to join you in prayer. By following the link and filling out the requested information your post will be published on our website below.

A virtual candle may be for any personal intention such as a birthday, anniversary, in honor of, in memory of, prayer request, healing or any other occasion. Your candle can be lit for nine days, one month or a full year.

Enciende una Vela por tus intenciones

¿Pódemos orar por tí? Nos gustaria estar unidos en oración. Siguiendo el enlace anexo y completando la información solicitada, tu intención se publicara seguidamente en nuestra página web.

Puedes encender una vela virtual para cualquier intención personal, como cumpleaños, aniversario, en honor a, en memoria de, por la salud de, por la sanación de o cualquier otra intención. La vela puede ser encendida durante nueve días, un me o un año completo.

Help me be a better wife to my husband. Not argue with him so much.

Iria Calderon

Help me be a better wife to my husband. Not argue with him so much.

Iria Calderon

For the physical and spiritual healing of Mr. William Kiefer.

Michael Schillaci

March 3, 2021

For healing and peace for my father Michael.

Renee Fischer

August 1, 2020

That the Lord remove all cancer from Bob and Felicia.


June 10, 2020

Especially at this challenging time… “May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts!”

Joe Montalbano

April 5, 2020

For all the caretakers, first responders, the sick, those who have passed and their families, and the whole Passionist Family, that they may be comforted, protected and healed if necessary, by our God, who comforts us and always walks along side us every day, never to leave us.

Holy Cross Province
Fr. Joe Moons, C.P.

April 5, 2020

Personal intentions.

Margo Geddie

April 2, 2020

As we “give” ourselves to God, surrendering fully to His “plan for us- only then are we able to experience true joy and fulfillment! God created each one of us with a certain and profound purpose- not necessarily what we “plan” or expect but what God wills for us! When we are able to accept His Will and path for us we realize that life  is not a drudgery but a mystery! We realize we are NOT the “center”  of life …. God is! Our focus must always be on Him the “epi- center” of ALL that is  Hopeful and Good! In the midst of difficulties, turmoil and bleakness in our world – we have a choice ! We can despair and curse the darkness or HOPE in the Lord by lighting a candle!…. to be overwhelmed by the darkness or expect the Light of a new day! We must spend time in Prayer with our Heavenly Father-for it is in these moments that we discover His Will for us! Not about our wants but His! Our choice but His direction…which are we following? Love and prayers! 🙏🏻💕✝️