“Live the Holy Cross.”

I am working on an upcoming prayer service and found this poem from Saint Paul of the Cross to Agnes Grazi, written August 31, 1743. It will be my blog today and the challenge to all of us, to “Live the Holy Cross.”


Live the Holy Cross

Only, only on the Cross

Comes the soul to ripe perfection

Fervent, constant counting loss

Every non-divine dilection.

Oh, if I the news might brin

How the One-in-Trinity

Hides in bitter suffering

Treasure of Divinity.


Since it is a secret thing

Only to the loving known

I, in darkness, wandering

Hail afar the fair unknown.


Yet I know that heart is blessed,

Abandoned on the Cross of shame,

In a high embrace unguessed,

Burned in Love’s consuming flame.


Yea! And double blessed is he,

By this flame no longer warmed,

Who in purest agony

Into Christ is thus transformed.


Happy he who suffers pain

Yet this treasure would forego

Counting self and all things vain

Save His love Who wounds him so!


Take this lesson that I send

From the Cross that Jesus bore.

But in prayer your perfect Friend

Will instruct you more and more. Amen!

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